Game-Changing Acceleration of Your Simulation With Distributed Computing!

VirtualLab Fusion now comes with the revolutionary Distributed Computing technology that allows you to tremendously speed up your simulations. To demonstrate the power of this new technology we have prepared two examples which you can find in the documents linked below. In the first one, we investigate the performance of a waveguide device by performing a parameter sweep over 101 x 101 field-of-view angles, resulting in a total of 10201 elementary simulations. With Distributed Computing, these simulations can be performed in parallel on different machines in a network, leading, in our specific example, to a 91% reduction in calculation time.

As a second example we have prepared a coherence measurement using a white-light interferometer. There, multiple wavelengths as well as a shift in one of the interferometer arms lead to a total number of 2904 simulations. Through the application of Distributed Computing we can reduce the simulation time from almost one hour to barely 3 minutes.

These examples demonstrate the game-changing reductions in simulation times which can be achieved with the new Distributed Computing Package. Take a look at the examples linked below and see for yourself!

Simulation of a Test Image in an AR Waveguide Using Distributed Computing

A waveguide combiner is illuminated with a test image that consists of more than 10,000 pixels. For the simulations of the required angles of the field of view, distributed computing is used.

Coherence Measurement with White-Light Interferometry – Analysis Using Distributed Computing in VirtualLab Fusion​

The coherence properties of a source are analyzed in a Michelson interferometer using a movable mirror. For the analysis distributed computing is employed.​