Field Inside Analyzer for 2D Gratings

With the latest release of the optical modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion, version 2023.2, a number of new and helpful tools have been added. But the novelty does not stop there: we have also taken this chance to upgrade some of our previously existing features. In this week’s newsletter we put the spotlight on the Field Inside Component: FMM analyzer, a tool that allows the user visualize and investigate the field distribution inside micro- and nanostructures. The analyzer can now also analyze 2D-periodic structures.

Please take a look at the documents below to find an introduction to the Field Inside Component: FMM analyzer as well as an example where we investigate (and go on to optimize) the reflectivity of an anti-reflection moth-eye structure.

Field Inside Component Analyzer: FMM

This example demonstrate, how to calculate the distribution of the electromagnetic field inside a 1D or 2D-periodic micro- or nano structure.

Rigorous Analysis and Design of Anti-Reflective Moth-Eye Structures

With the Fourier modal method and the parametric optimization in VirtualLab Fusion, we demonstrate the analysis and design of moth-eye-inspired anti-reflective structures.

08 November 2023 | Free Webinar: New VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2

08 November 2023 | Free Webinar: New VirtualLab Fusion 2023.2