Seminar on Micro-Optical Laser Systems

(April 01, 2014)

The PhotonicNet GmbH in cooperation with LightTrans and the “Hannoversches Zentrum für optische Technologien” offers an education seminar (given in German language) “Simulation und Optimierung von mikrooptischen Systemen zur Lichtformung und Homogenisierung von Lasern”. The seminar takes place on ...

Visit us at laser optics in Berlin 2014

(March 03, 2014)

LightTrans invites you to visit us at laser optics in Berlin (March 18-20). We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth 204a in hall 12 within the EPIC pavilion. We will be glad to demonstrate you the new features of VirtualLab 5 in detail. The major new features being presented include Spat...

LightTrans VirtualLab™ Software Courses in April 2014

(January 13, 2014)

LightTrans offers two software training courses for VirtualLab™ taking place March 31 – April 2 2014 and April 3 – April 4 2014 in Jena, Germany: Course 1: “Introduction to the simulation of laser systems with LightTrans VirtualLab” (March 31 – April 2). This course covers the following topics (do...

New Features and Applications

Compensation of Dispersion for fs-pulses

(April, 2014) A Gires-Tournois Interferometer (GTI) can be used for the compensation of dispersion for fs-pulses. VirtualLab provides a model for an ideal GTI. In the examples, the GTI is used to produce the desired positive or negative group delay dispersion by varying its design parameters.It is shown how the Parameter Run can be used to optimize the design parameters of the GTI. [more...]

Simulation of ideal fs-pulse shapers

(April, 2014) VirtualLab allows the implementation of ideal pulse shapers. First we demonstarte the temporal pulse shaping with an ideal linear frequency filtering function without considering spatio-temporal couplings. Then a Fourier-Synthesis Pulse Shaping technique will be considered taking into account spatio-temporal couplings. [more...]

Rigorous grating analysis for parabasal illumination beams

(December, 2013) VirtualLab™ allows the rigorous wave-optical analysis of gratings illuminated by parabasal or paraxial beams based on the parabasal FMM algorithm. [more...]

Simulation of ideal fs-pulse stretcher and compressor

(December, 2013) LightTrans VirtualLab™ provides an idealized model for the simulation of grating stretchers and compressors for fs-pulse shaping. [more...]

Webinar: Laser Resonator Modeling with VirtualLab™ 5.8

(November, 2013) The transversal mode analysis of stable, unstable and ring resonators using VirtualLab™ 5.8 is discussed. It is shown how inhomogeneous pump light distribution and thermal lensing is affecting the output beam quality and power. [more...]

Webinar: New Features of LightTrans VirtualLab™ 5.8

(September, 2013) VirtualLab™ 5.8 provides several outstanding new and updated features including a great new flexibility regarding positioning, tilting and tolerancing of all optical elements. The webinar gives an introduction. [more...]

Wave-optical simulation of an off-axis telescope

(August, 2013) VirtualLab allows the the wave-optical analysis of an optical system with tilted and shifted components. An example for such a system is an F/4 Reflective Schmidt telescope. [more...]

Export to STL format

(August, 2013) VirtualLab™ can export optical systems, components, and interfaces into the STL format. It is also possible to extrude interfaces to solids. [more...]

Stable and convenient programming interface

(August, 2013) The new LightTrans.Programming.DLL provides easy access to those functions of the VirtualLab API most often required by programmers using VirtualLab™. This DLL can be updated by LightTrans on request by users independent of releases of VirtualLab. [more...]

Tolerancing in VirtualLab™

(August, 2013) All real and ideal components in a Light Path Diagram allow shift and orientation tolerancing. In contrast to the normal positioning, tolerancing does not alter the positon and orientation of subsequent elements. [more...]

Mode analysis of laser ring resonators

(July, 2013) This application scenario demonstrates a novel resonator round-trip operator concept, which allows the wave-optical eigenmode analysis of laser ringresonators in VirtualLab™. [more...]

Laser modeling with LASCAD and VirtualLab

(July 2013) VirtualLab provides numerous features for the analysis of laser systems inside and outside of the cavity which perfectly complement the features of LASCAD. [more...]

Simulation of basic imaging system

(July 2013) A spherical lens is used to image the two dimensional object. The image will be simulated and the dependency on the lens aperture diameter will be investigated. [more...]

Parametric optimization of achromatic beam expander

(July 2013) VirtualLab allows the parametric optimization of a real achromatic beam expander. The optical setup is simulated by the Collins Integral. [more...]

Simulation of space frequency filter by 4f-setup

(July 2013) An image filter can be constructed by two 2f-setups and an aperture. The simulation of this space frequency filter system can be done using ideal or real optical components. Both is demonstrated in this application scenario. [more...]

Analysis and optimization of antireflection moth-eye structures

(June 2013) VirtualLab™ allows the optimization of sub-wavelength structures to obtain a broadband antireflection effect, which is insensitive to different angle of incidence. [more...]

Design of LED light shaping systems with VirtualLab™

(June, 2013) VirtualLab™ provides analysis and design tools for LED light shaping systems including diffraction, interference and partial coherence. Micro-structured and diffractive components are at the core of our approaches. [more...]

Module for 2D-pulse evaluation along z

(June, 2013) LightTrans developed a module that can be used to evaluate ultrashort pulses along the z-axis. This evaluation is done a) separately for each wavelength of the pulse and b) for different times. [more...] 

Rigorous analysis of gratings with VirtualLab™ and JCMsuite

(May, 2013) Recently, a cooperation between LightTrans GmbH and JCMwave GmbH, one of the leading developers of Finite Element Methods (FEM) for optical simulations, has been started. [more...]

Transversal mode analysis and output power calculation for stable, unstable and ring resonators

(May, 2013) Based on field tracing, VirtualLab provides a plenty of different vectorial simulation techniques like wave-optical free-space propagation techniques, split-step method, geometrical optics, Collins integral and many more for the eigenmode analysis of resonators. [more...]

Spatiotemporal modeling of femtosecond pulses with VirtualLab™

(May, 2013) VirtualLab allows the fast generation of the spatiotemporal distribution of ultrashort pulses by different pulse data generators or by import of pulse data. The pulse tracing through homogeneous media takes the material as well as angular dispersion fully into account. [more...]

Flexible positioning of optical components with VirtualLab™

(May, 2013) LightTrans VirtualLab™ 5.8 enables the approximated and rigorous simulation of the light refraction, diffraction and reflection at tilted optical elements. [more...]

Maximum flexibility by integration of user defined MATLAB® and C# code into VirtualLab™

(May, 2013) VirtualLab allows one to add user defined modeling techniques providing the most flexible and powerful field tracing experience ever. User defined solutions are based on programmable sources, components and detectors which can be used together with all modeling solutions already delivered with VirtualLab. [more...]


“VirtualLab is a very powerful tool for the simulation and optimization of wave-optical problems. The results are highly accurate and reliable. The software handling is very intuitive and easy to learn. I use VirtualLab for both education and research projects.”
(by Prof. Dr. Matthias Brinkmann)