Physical-Optics Modeling of Diffractive/Meta-Lenses and Their Design

San Francisco, 6th of February, 2019, SPIE LASE

Diffractive lenses, as well as the meta-lenses which have recently started to draw attention, are of importance in different optical applications. We propose a fast-physical-optics approach for the modeling and design of such components. A diffractive or meta-lens can be modeled as local structures (e.g. local gratings) on a base interface. The rigorous Fourier modal method (FMM) is applied for the local micro-/nanostructures; then the phase modulations at each position can be collected to model the lens function. The design of diffractive/meta-lenses follows an inverse concept – starting with a functional description of the whole lens, and then searching for suitable local structures.

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