Physical-Optics Analysis of Lightguides for Augmented and Mixed Reality Glasses
LASER World of Photonics Congress

  • SPIE Europe Digital Optical Technologies
  • Munich, Germany
  • Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Lightguides in combination with gratings seem to be a promising candidate for the development of AR/MR glasses.The design and the modeling of such lightguides is very different to lens design and requires new techniques in modeling. Though ray tracing gives insight also in the case of lightguides, an analysis which includes all relevant effects must be based on a physicaloptics approach which is fast and user-friendly.  In the talk we briefly explain the underlying modeling concepts and demonstrate analysis results for a specific FOV with respect to merit functions like uniformity in the eyebox, uniformity and MTF over the FOV for an example design done in VirtualLab Fusion. We address computation speed and distributed computing.   

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