Non-Sequential Optical Modeling with VirtualLab Fusion

Tokyo, 25th of April, 2018, OPIE 2018

VirtualLab Fusion provides different approaches for non-sequential simulations through the entirety or part of an optical system. In non-sequential simulations with both ray and field tracing the user can control which light-propagation paths are to be considered. It is possible to switch between sequential and different degrees of non-sequential light (ray and field) tracing. At the same time, systems can be modeled conveniently and in a much more compact form. Considering the full capacity of VirtualLab by using also its grating and waveguide analysis tools, highly complex waveguide setups containing diverse grating structures can be modeled, analyzed and optimized. The evaluation of efficiencies of even subwavelength gratings is done rigorously. This way the analysis of grating components as parts of larger systems is made possible, a feat that would be impracticable if performed with universal Maxwell solvers for the whole system at once. 

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