Modeling of High Contrast Metasurfaces and Their Performance in General Optical System Using Fast Physical Optics

San Francisco, 4 February 2020, SPIE Photonics West

Metasurfaces, especially those made from high refractive index materials, have gain notable success in recent years in different applications. Devices such as meta-gratings/lenses are usually composed of properly designed unit cells (building blocks) with specific phase or polarization manipulation functions. We will present a physical-optics-based approach to deal with the modeling of the whole metasurfaces, with a locally extended rigorous analysis of several unit cells so to include possible coupling effects, while the computational efficiency remains high. Examples on meta-gratings and lenses will be presented. Besides single-component modeling, we will also demonstrate the inclusion of metasurface devices in the modeling of a complete optical system and to evaluate their performance.

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