Modeling of Diffractive-/Metasurfaces and Their Performance Evaluations in General Optical System

Virtual Forum, 24 August 2020, SPIE Optics & Photonics

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Diffractive- and metasurfaces have gain notable success in recent years and optical devices such as diffractive- and metalenses are shown to be quite useful for many applications. We will present a physical-optics-based approach to deal with the modeling of the whole diffractive-/metasurfaces, by decomposing the input field into numbers of sub-fields and studying the interaction of each sub-field with a local extension of the surface. Such kind of local interaction can usually be done with rigorous approaches without demand of much computational resources. Examples on meta-gratings and diffractive-/metalenses will be presented. Besides the modeling of a single component, we will also demonstrate the inclusion of such devices in the modeling of a complete optical system.

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