Insights into Physical Optics with VirtualLab Fusion for Optics Education

Virtual Forum, 26 August 2020, SPIE Optics & Photonics

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Due to the rapid development of the modern optics industry, physical optics education is already an indispensable part in optics education, because of the fact that more and more optical devices are designed, and naturally, are working based on physical-optics principles. As a fully physical-optics-based software, light is represented as vectorial electromagnetic fields in VirtualLab Fusion and it provides an easy access to the visualization and analysis of the electromagnetic fields, leading to a convenient understanding of the nature of light, without loss of any preciseness. With the help of VirtualLab, we will demonstrate several classical physical optics effects, for example, diffraction from slits, Talbot effect, Arago spot (Poisson’s spot), Michelson/Mach-Zehnder/Young’s interferometers, Gouy phase shift, Goos-Hänchen shift, and so on.

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