A k-domain method for fast propagation of electromagnetic fields through graded-index media
Tel Aviv, 1st of April, 2019, OASIS 2019

Graded-index (GRIN) media are widely used to model different situations: some components are designed specifically for GRIN modulation, e.g., multi-mode fibers, optical lenses or acousto-optical modulators; on the other hand, we might also talk of undesired effects where the refractive-index variation is due to stress or heating; there are also some natural effects which exhibit GRIN behavior, e.g., air turbulence or biological tissue. Modeling of such situations is quite challenging. It may require the application of finite-difference techniques in frequency or time domain, or other rigorous solutions of Maxwell’s equations, which often results in too high a numerical effort for practical application. In this work we offer a k-domain-based method for the fast calculation of fields propagating through GRIN media.

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