A K-Domain Method for Fast Propagation of Electromagnetic Field Through Graded-Index Media

San Francisco, 5 February 2020, SPIE Photonics West

In this work we discuss a rigorous k-domain (spatial frequency domain) method for fast calculation of electromagnetic fields propagating through GRIN media. It is potentially fast because of two reasons: (1) in the k-domain, Maxwell’s equations can be formulated in the form of a set of ordinary differential equations, which can be solved with Runge-Kutta-type (RK-type) mathematical approaches which are a group of well-established numerical algorithm; (2) taking advantage of fast Fourier transform algorithms, the convolution calculation (O(N2)) within the differential equations can be converted into multiplication (O(N)).

This talk was also held at:

EOS Topical Meeting on Diffractive Optics

Abstract (PDF)
Slides (PDF)

Slides (PDF)

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