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LightTrans User Meetup

Interacting Virtually with our Optical Engineers and Sales Representatives.

LightTrans User Meetups are a new way of interacting virtually with our optical engineers and sales representatives.

Chat with our engineers to learn more about the new features related to our applications, and how best to use them to make the most of your work with VirtualLab Fusion via our popular One-on-One Meetings. Also you can join our Sales Group Meetings to get a compact overview about software licenses, packages and toolbox solutions. Finally you have the possibility to casually chat with our Sales and Optical Engineering experts in our VirtualLab Fusion Lounge.

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Previous Meetups

Here we Take a Little Look Back at what we Have Experienced.

Crystals & Microlens Arrays | September 2021

We have introduced our fast optical design software VirtualLab Fusion, 2021.1. The new features and refined technology of this latest version facilitate more convenient and efficient simulations across a range of different applications. Keep an eye on Microlens Arrays (MLAs) and the inclusion of Anisotropic Media, which are two of the most prominent.

Cross-Topic – We answer your questions | July 2021

After covering your questions on Gratings and Interferometric Setups in our first Meetups, our third edition was not centered around one single specific topic. We encouraged all our current customers, as well as those who hoped to become one, to take part. You could ask questions about everything related to our fast optical design software. Browse through our Use Cases and get your Free Trial Version.

Interferometric Setups and Applications – Modeling & Analysis | April 2021

We have analysed coherence and/or interference effects in different optical systems, even in difficult settings - up to non-sequential optical systems.

You are interessted in how VirtualLab Fusion propagates full electromagnetic fields, see our workflow to analyze interference and coherence characteristics?
Take a look at well-known interferometric setups, like Michelson, Mach-Zehnder or Fizeau interferometers and get your Free Trial Version to test the capabilities of our software.

Gratings Modeling, Design & Applications | January 2021

We showed how to do a rigorous grating analysis with our optical design software and demonstrated how to design certain types of gratings.

You like to check out how VirtualLab Fusion solves grating problems or you like to see our workflow in grating designs?
Have a look at some typical cases like the slanted, moth-eye, holographic and metagratings.

Here you can find more information about VirtualLab Fusion
and you can get a Free Trial Version.

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