One Physical-Optics Platform – Many Field Solvers!

The webinar will take place on 27 May. Due to the different time zones, we offer two time slots.

In this new webinar series we present the mathematical toolkit that helps make fast physical optics a reality, show how this toolkit is directly reflected in the user interface, and illustrate the impact it has for the average user, with an added bonus – a sneak peek into the coming release! In this first instalment we discuss one of our key strategies: connecting different field solvers on a single simulation platform – VirtualLab Fusion.

Register to learn more about the following topics:

  • Core strategy: connecting field solvers
  • B-operator concept for maximum versatility – what is the B operator?
  • New and redesigned components in VirtualLab Fusion (coming soon!)
  • Live demonstrations of real-world applications: gratings in lens systems, etalons, coatings, and more!

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