Simulation & Optimization of Optical Gratings

4 - 5 June 2018
Sunnyvale, CA, USA
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

This training covers the simulation capabilities of VirtualLab Fusion using the rigorous coupled wave analysis (RCWA) method for the investigation of periodic micro-structures. These simulation options can be integrated in the analysis of complex optical systems.


  • Modeling of periodic micro-structures:

    • rectangular gratings
    • blazed gratings
    • slanted gratings
    • splitter elements
    • photonic crystals
    • anti-reflection structures
    • volume grating

  • Application-oriented examples such as microscope and spectrometer setups
  • Optimization options and investigations of parameter variations
  • Investigations of field distribution within the structure
  • Effects due to conical incidence, coatings and different polarization characteristics
  • Configuration settings and numerical limitations
  • Near field and efficiency analysis of the structure types listed above

Registration deadline: 18 May 2018
Registration: sales (at)

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