Light Shaping

VirtualLab Fusion supports the simulation and design of light shaping systems.

Refractive optics

Diffractive Optics


Microlens and microcell arrays

Optical Metrology

Thorough investigation of interferometers, spectrometers and microscopes with VirtualLab Fusion.





Imaging Systems

Modelling lens systems by fast physical optics provides reliable PSF/MTF evaluation.

Laser Systems

Fast physical optics provides a cogent model of laser sources and physical optics effects.

Beam delivery

Scanning systems

fs pulse modeling

Crystal modeling

Virtual and
Mixed Reality

VirtualLab Fusion provides non-sequential modeling as required for VR, AR and MR.

Near-eye displays

Waveguide HUDs

Pattern generation

Electromagnetic Field Interaction with Nanocylinders

Interaction between electromagnetic fields and structures in the wavelength must be studied with rigorous Maxwell solvers. By integrating the perfectly matched layers (PMLs) technique, the modeling of aperiodic nanostructures is enabled in VirtualLab. As an example, the interaction between a focused Gaussian beam and nanocylinders with varying diameters is investigated, and the polarization-dependent effect is shown.

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