Light Shaping

VirtualLab Fusion supports the simulation and design of light shaping systems.

Refractive optics

Diffractive Optics


Microlens and microcell arrays

Optical Metrology

Thorough investigation of interferometers, spectrometers and microscopes with VirtualLab Fusion.





Imaging Systems

Modelling lens systems by fast physical optics provides reliable PSF/MTF evaluation.

Laser Systems

Fast physical optics provides a cogent model of laser sources and physical optics effects.

Beam delivery

Scanning systems

fs pulse modeling

Crystal modeling

Virtual and
Mixed Reality

VirtualLab Fusion provides non-sequential modeling as required for VR, AR and MR.

Near-eye displays

Waveguide HUDs

Pattern generation

Configuration of Grating Structures by Using Special Media

Optical grating structures are widely used for several applications such as spectrometers, near-eye display systems, etc. VirtualLab Fusion provides rigorous analysis of arbitrary grating structures in an easy way by applying the Fourier modal method (FMM). In the Grating Software Package, the grating structure can be configured by using various interfaces or/and media within a stack. The user interface to set up the geometry of a stack is user friendly and can be used to generate even more complex grating structures. In this use case the configuration of grating structures based on special media is explained.

Use Case (PDF)
Use Case and sample files in VirtualLab Fusion

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