Simulation and Analysis of Nanostructures

[Wednesday, 28. February 2018]


The interaction between electromagnetic fields and subwavelength structures often shows interesting behaviors, e.g., strongly polarization-dependent effects, and it enables many applications nowadays.

VirtualLab provides a series of rigorous Maxwell solvers (e.g. the Fourier modal method with and without perfectly matched layers), necessary to accurately model subwavelength structures, embedded in a global concept that groundbreakingly facilitates the analysis of such elements alongside other optical components, in the context of larger, more complex optical systems.

Ultra-Sparse Dielectric Nano-Wire Grid Polarizers

The polarization-dependent properties of ultra-sparse dielectric nanowire grids are analyzed using the Fourier modal method (FMM).

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Electromagnetic Field Interaction with Nanocylinders

With the perfectly matched layer (PML) technique, the interaction between a focused Gaussian beam and nanocylinders with varying diameters is investigated.

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