Non-Sequential Modeling of Optical Etalon

[Wednesday, 04. April 2018]


With the recently released non-sequential extension, VirtualLab enables flexible system modeling in both sequential and non-sequential way, for both ray tracing and field tracing. For a given system, thanks to the channel concept, one can easily switch between sequential and non-sequential mode.

To demonstrate it, we present examples on optical etalon. The simple structure of an etalon forms a resonator, and the interference due to multiple reflections governs its optical response and functionality.

Modeling of Etalon with Planar and Curved Surfaces

By using the non-sequential field tracing technique, several configurations of etalons, e.g. with non-parallel surfaces and curved surfaces, are analyzed.

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System Analysis with Sequential and Non-Sequential Field Tracing

VirtualLab enables the user to build up an optical system once and analyze it with different tracing techniques. This use case demonstrates how the non-sequential analysis of your setup can be performed.

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