New on Youtube: "Getting Started" VirtualLab Fusion Tutorials

[Tuesday, 04. April 2017]

The channel is a common platform of the Applied Computational Optics Group of the Institute of Applied Physics (Friedrich-Schiller-University), and the companies Wyrowski Photonics and LightTrans International. Here we will provide you with short videos on the theory and concepts of an exciting new approach in physical optics modeling and design which enables unprecedented fast simulations in physical optics. In 2017 these concepts will be released in our next-generation field-tracing technology in VirtualLab Fusion. We will also provide you with videos on the usage of the software and its applications.

A first playlist of “Getting Started” tutorials is now available, containing the following videos:

We will regularly add more footage to the channel, including tutorials for advanced users, use cases, material for education, basics for optical research and development, and application examples. On this channel we will introduce you to the world of Fast Physical Optics.

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