Modeling Lens Systems Including Gratings

[Saturday, 03. February 2018]


VirtualLab Fusion facilitates the simulation of lens systems with fast physical optics to obtain the light field and its intensity in the image plane.

The modeling also enables the inclusion of gratings. Though the gratings are modelled by the rigorous Fourier Modal Method (FMM), the simulation is still fast and delivers results in seconds.

High-NA Microscope Investigation of Different Samples

Ray tracing and physical optics simulation of a high-NA microscopy setup, including the analysis of effects on the field and its intensity when different gratings are employed as object samples.

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Optical System for Inspection of Micro-Structured Wafer

Ray tracing and physical optics simulation of an optical system for the inspection of a micro-structured wafer. Both the electromagnetic field and its intensity are shown at different planes in the system.

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