Free Optical Design Seminar - SPIE Photonics West 2018

[Friday, 02. February 2018]


„Analysis and Design of Diffractive and Micro-Optical Systems with VirtualLab Fusion“

Learn more about various application possibilities of the Fast Physical Optics Software VirtualLab Fusion and the technology being behind it:

Imaging & laser systems (PSF/MTF, ghost images, gratings, diffractive lenses, HOEs)
Light shaping (DOEs, beam splitters, diffusers, pattern generation, SLMs)
Waveguides for HUD & NED (e.g. energy, wavefronts, polarization & multiple aperture effects)

Sequential and non-sequential modeling (vectorial fields and rays)
Physical optics propagation techniques (e.g. LPIA, FMM, TEA, Mie scattering, GRIN media)
Source modeling (cw and pulsed lasers, laser diodes, VCSELs, LEDs)
Detector functions (e.g. wavefront analysis, Stokes vector, polarization, pulse duration)

Please find the abstract and schedule of this seminar

Date: Friday, 2 February 2018, 09:30 - 16:15
Location: near Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, CA
Registration: info (at) (with complete contact details)

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