Design of Diffractive Optical Elements

[Friday, 25. May 2018]


Diffractive optical elements (DOEs) play a fundamental role in the growing field of pattern generation, and their design demands specific techniques that differ substantially from those employed for other types of components.

The specific techniques employed to design and optimize diffractive elements (like the Iterative Fourier Transform Algorithm, or IFTA) are available in VirtualLab, rounded off by the Session Editor, a convenient guide that takes the user through the design process and which precludes the need for in-depth background knowledge of the method. Automatic checks of the design constraints are included in the process.

Design of Diffractive Beam Splitters for Generating a 2D Light Mark

The Iterative Fourier Transform Algorithm (IFTA) in VirtualLab enables the design of customized beam splitters with high efficiency and flexibility.

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Design of a Diffractive Diffuser to Generate a LightTrans Mark

Two diffractive diffusers are designed, with a continuous or discrete phase, to generate a LightTrans trademark. Their performance is investigated.

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