Design and Analysis of Diffractive Optical Elements

[Friday, 09. March 2018]


Diffractive optical elements working beyond the paraxial situation often come with relatively small feature size, which is comparable to the wavelength of the light. For this reason, rigorous modeling is required for the analysis of such elements.

VirtualLab provides the design of non-paraxial diffractive elements by using the thin-element approximation under paraxial condition. With the Fourier modal method (FMM) and the grating order analyzer in VirtualLab, the actual performance of the paraxial designs can be evaluated rigorously.

Design and Analysis of Non-Paraxial Diffractive Beam Splitter

Fourier modal method is applied for the rigorous evaluation of non-paraxial diffractive beam splitters, which are initially designed by using iterative Fourier transform algorithm and thin-element approximation.

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Grating Order Analyzer

The analysis of the diffraction efficiencies of gratings is the typical modeling task with gratings. In VirtualLab this is done by the Grating Order Analyzer, which can display the efficiencies and Rayleigh coefficients of the distinct orders in various ways.

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