Configuration and Analysis of Holographic Volume Gratings

[Thursday, 15. February 2018]


Holographic volume gratings usually show a high spectral and angular selectivity, and therefore are widely used in e.g. spectroscopy, fiber optical communication, and optical data storage.

With the stack concept in VirtualLab, holographic volume gratings can be set following the two-beam interference exposure process. With the Fourier modal method (FMM), the properties of volume gratings can be analyzed rigorously.

Rigorous Simulation of Holographic Generated Volume Grating

A holographic volume grating is analyzed with the Fourier modal method (FMM). Both the spectral and angular properties are presented.

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Configuration of Grating Structures by Using Special Media

In VirtualLab’s Grating Software Package grating structures can be configured using a stack. In this use case the configuration of grating structures based on media is explained.

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