Blazed Grating Analysis with VirtualLab

[Friday, 09. February 2018]


An optical spectrometer often consists of a blazed grating and reflective mirrors. In VirtualLab, the diffractive property of the grating, as the key component, in analyzed by the rigorous Fourier Modal Method (FMM).

The results are incorporated in the system modeling and the simulation is done within seconds.

Czerny-Turner Monochromator

A physical-optics-based simulation of a Czerny–Turner Monochromator, which consists of parabolic mirrors and a blazed grating, is presented.
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Blazed Grating Analysis by FMM

The Fourier Modal Method (FMM) can be used to analyze grating efficiencies rigorously. VirtualLab allows for rigorous efficiency analysis in single simulations as well as in sets of simulations spanning parameter variations.

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