Introduction to VirtualLab Programming

25 September, 2017
Jena, Germany

Requirements: Advanced knowledge about handling of VirtualLab Fusion. Basic knowledge in at least one programming language.

This advanced software training gives a detailed introduction into the object-oriented programming and customization features of VirtualLab Fusion. Participants will learn the programming of short code snippets for the generation of custom transmission functions, light sources, optical interfaces, detectors and components using the VirtualLab Programming Library. In addition, the programming of small modules for automatization of VirtualLab Fusion is demonstrated by various hands-on examples. Finally, the MATLAB interface as well as the batch-mode-operation feature of VirtualLab Fusion are discussed in detail. The goal of the course is that participants can program small modules and snippets for adaption of VirtualLab Fusion to their specific needs.

Deadline for registration to September courses is September 1, 2017.

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