Analysis and Design of Diffractive and Micro-Optical Systems

16 – 18 October, 2017
Mountain View, CA, USA

Requirements: Elementary skills in working with VirtualLab are recommended, in particular regarding use of the light path diagram for the setup and analysis of laser systems.

In this course we teach in a compact way the principles of the design of diffractive optical elements (DOEs) and gratings, and you will learn to apply VirtualLab Fusion efficiently for the solution of your design tasks in these fields.

The course starts with an overview of so-called unified optical design, of ray- and field-tracing techniques, and the general usage of VirtualLab. Participants will learn about components, sources and detectors; and simulation engines of VirtualLab. The setup and the simulation of optical systems is demonstrated by some examples.

The course will also introduce you to the analysis and optimization of diffractive beam splitters, diffractive diffusers and diffractive beam shapers with VirtualLab. Furthermore, the rigorous analysis and optimization of 2D and 3D grating structures with arbitrary surface and refractive index modulations will be discussed.

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