Scanning Source and Evaluation of F-Theta Scanning Lens

[Friday, 31. August 2018]

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High-quality scanning systems are of importance for many optical applications, e.g. in laser beam welding, drilling and cutting. Such systems are typically constructed with F-Theta lenses. An F-Theta lens is supposed to focus the beam onto the focal plane with a lateral displacement proportional to the scan angles.

With the help of the scanning source in VirtualLab, the performance of an F-Theta lens can be analyzed by e.g. measuring the lateral shift and the size of the focal spot for different values of the scan angles.

Performance Evaluation of an F-Theta Scanning Lens

With the scanning source in VirtualLab, we analyze the performance of an F-Theta lens, by measuring the spot size and the deviation of focal spot position for different scan angles.

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How to Set Up a Scanning Source

The scanning source in VirtualLab defines a multi-mode source that radiates into several pre-defined directions, which is of help for e.g. the modeling and evaluation of a laser scanning system.

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