Grating Diffraction and Polarization Conversion

[Tuesday, 02. October 2018]


Gratings are widely used for various applications, such as spectrometers, near-eye display systems, etc. In the Grating Toolbox of VirtualLab, grating structures can be easily configured through a user-friendly software interface, and they can be rigorously analyzed using the Fourier modal method (FMM). This enables not only the calculation of diffraction efficiencies but also the investigation of polarization effects. For example, the polarization conversion for light diffraction at a sub-wavelength grating is investigated, and the results obtained from VirtualLab show good agreement with the reference.

Investigation of Polarization State of Diffraction Orders
VirtualLab’s Grating Toolbox enables the detailed analysis of grating structures. In this use case the investigation of the polarization state of the diffracted orders is discussed, facilitated by the applied Fourier modal method (FMM).

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Configuration of Grating Structures Using Interfaces
In the Grating Toolbox of VirtualLab, grating structures can be configured using a stack. In this use case the configuration of grating structures based on interfaces is explained.

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