fs pulse modeling

VirtualLab Fusion facilitates the propagation of

  • picosecond,
  • femtosecond, and
  • attosecond

pulses through macroscopic and microscopic optical setups. To that end VirtualLab Fusion employs the field tracing concept, which, as the name suggests, traces full electromagnetic fields through the optical setup using a combination of geometrical and physical optics.

Femtosecond pulse in seawater
Femtosecond pulse in seawater

Selected Use Cases

Find detailed technical information in following selected samples:

Investigation of the resulting pulse shape (in time domain) of the femtosecond pulse, after propagating in sea water. 

Fully vectorial analysis of the behavior of a femtosecond pulse at the focus of a high-NA off-axis parabolic mirror. 

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