Invitation to LASER World of PHOTONICS

(June 12, 2017)

Our teams at Wyrowski Photonics and LightTrans are operating at full stretch for the last sprint in the preparation for the LASER World of PHOTONICS, which is taking place in Munich from June 26 till 29, 2017. We are very excited to inform you that this event will mark the unveiling of our momentous...

New on Youtube: "Getting Started" VirtualLab Fusion Tutorials

(April 04, 2017)

The channel is a common platform of the Applied Computational Optics Group of the Institute of Applied Physics (Friedrich-Schiller-University), and the companies Wyrowski Photonics and LightTrans International. Here we will provide you with short videos on the theory and concepts of an exciting new ...

VirtualLab training courses in Jena in September 2017

(March 02, 2017)

LightTrans offers its new VirtualLab training courses: "Introduction to VirtualLab Fusion", September 18-19, 2017 "Analysis and Design of Diffractive and Micro Optical Systems”, September 20-22, 2017 NEW: "Introduction to VirtualLab Programming”, September 25, 2017 Deadli...

Analysis and Control of Ultrashort Pulses

Propagation of Ultrashort Pulses

Electric field oscillation of few-cycle ultrashort pulse.

VirtualLab allows the propagation of

  • picosecond,
  • femtosecond, and
  • attosecond

pulses through macroscopic and microscopic optical setups. Therefore VirtualLab is using the field tracing concept, which is tracing full electromagnetic fields through the optical setup by a combination of geomectrical and physcial optics.

Optical setup consisting of several components.

Inclusion of Pulse Dispersion

Besides the fast implementation of any sophisticated ultrashort pulse source by different pulse data generators or by the import of real pulse data, VirtualLab provides a full-vectorial analysis including

  • the evaluation of the optical path length
  • pulse deformation effects like group velocity dispersion (GVD) and higher-order dispersions

which are typically caused by

  • Angular dispersion and
  • Material dispersion

Chirped Pulse.

Spatio-temporal Pulse Evolution

The application of field tracing techniques on ultrashort pulses enables the temporal and spatial evolution of a pulse by inclusion of

  • Diffraction
  • Interference
  • Local Polarization
  • Coherence
  • Dispersion

Inclusion of Important Optical Setups

Pulse focusing by off-axis parabolic mirror.

VirtualLab allows the analysis, design and optimization of optical setups for extending, shortening, focusing and shaping of ultrashort pulses. Typical setups and components are:

  • Focusing optics
  • Pulse compressor & stretcher
  • Chirped mirrors
  • Refractive and diffractive beam shapers
  • Pulse compressor & stretcher
  • Gratings
  • Spatial and spectral filters
Pulse propagation through diffraction grating (left) and pulse front tilt in the focal region of a simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing (SSTF) setup (right).

Optimization and Tolerancing

Optimization and tolerancing of pulse compressor setups.

VirtualLab comes with a plenty of powerful algorithms for optimization and tolerancing. Typical examples are:

  • Local and global optimization of ultrashort pulse setups
  • Position and tilt tolerancing
  • Monte-Carlo simulations
  • Simulation series by parameter run

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