New on Youtube: "Getting Started" VirtualLab Fusion Tutorials

(April 04, 2017)

The channel is a common platform of the Applied Computational Optics Group of the Institute of Applied Physics (Friedrich-Schiller-University), and the companies Wyrowski Photonics and LightTrans International. Here we will provide you with short videos on the theory and concepts of an exciting new ...

VirtualLab training courses in Jena in September 2017

(March 02, 2017)

LightTrans offers its new VirtualLab training courses: "Introduction to VirtualLab Fusion", September 18-19, 2017 "Analysis and Design of Diffractive and Micro Optical Systems”, September 20-22, 2017 NEW: "Introduction to VirtualLab Programming”, September 25, 2017 Deadli...

Free optical design seminar at Photonics West 2017

(December 19, 2016)

LightTrans is going to exhibit at Photonics West 2017 taking place in San Francisco, CA, starting on January 31, 2017. Please visit us at our booth 4629-45 in the German Pavilion during the trade show (January 31 - February 2). During the week of the trade show we offer a free optical design semina...

Education Package of VirtualLab Fusion Software for Academic Institutions

VirtualLab Fusion covers a wide range of classic and modern topics of optics curricula: from ray tracing to physical optics and from laser to illumination systems

Interference fringes for an interferometer setup with a partially coherent light source.

The education package of VirtualLab Fusion allows you to enhance the quality of your lectures in optics. The software provides tools for the investigation of basic and advanced physical effects as well as the solution of complex design problems for a wide range of applications:

  • lens systems
  • diffractive optics and gratings
  • illumination systems
  • laser resonators

VirtualLab Fusion comes with a variety of modeling algorithms and graphical tools which help to understand and to visualize physical phenomena. Switching between ray tracing and physical optics techniques allows to discuss the pros and cons of the different simulation techniques.

Selected Education Topics

  • physical optics and ray tracing techniques
  • interference, diffraction, coherence, polarization
  • Fourier optics, micro-optics, gratings, scattering
  • single-, multi-mode, cw and pulsed lasers, LEDs
  • design of refractive and diffractive optics
  • programming interface and many more
VirtualLab Fusion comes with a modern user interface. Physical effects can be visualized by powerful graphical tools with a variety of display options for fields and rays.

Education Package and Conditions

  • annual license of VirtualLab Fusion with up to 50 seats
  • train the trainer and support by LightTrans
  • exchange of material within the teaching network
  • usable for teaching, bachelor and master theses
  • not usable for funded projects and PhD theses
  • annual report about achievements by licensee
Field information for the polarization state of a donut mode.
Color dispersion effects at a diffractive beam splitter.

How to Start

Please contact us via email. We are looking forward to learn more about your plans for using VirtualLab Fusion in education and we are ready to answer your questions.

Free Trial Software

We invite you to download of a trial version of VirtualLab Fusion. You may also contact our sales team to discuss your requirements in more detail.